Matt Ferdinander (gone_and_aerogy) wrote,
Matt Ferdinander

So I was thinking, and it goes like this:

2010: Mali ...though I need some sort of French and I don't know (any).

Around 2010, before or after: Costa Rica. Spanish is easy.

2009: Either Ghana, Ireland, or whatever else happens.

*Summer: Possibly Morocco, Italy, England, Spain, France, etc. Though planning is (already) a horrendous problem.

March: Boston.

And eventually, with no date or plans:

*Renting a car and driving across South Africa.

China, and general Asian area shit.




When I was writing this in my head a few days ago it came out better than this. But some people are welcome to inquire as to what I am talking about. The * are for ones that people should be concerned with.
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