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Yo, This Is A Lesson In Friendship...

I thought I fixed my sleep, even though it didn't really work and now it's 4:43am and I know I'll stay up too late. I'm experiencing a bit of a drunk leftovers, if you will, so I would like to wait for that to go away before I decide to sleep. But then I will have the same problem again the next week, and my mind and sleep will never work out a system together. They just don't get along, and should never date. Casual fucking is okay though.

I have come to the conclusion that the world is fucked up. It's not even so much that I'm going crazy anymore, but that I realized I SHOULD go crazy, since none of the bullshit of the world makes sense. Though, it's a great time.

No Bar Tour in '08. Not sure it's possible since I have some plans to go to bars already in a couple months, but still possible to cut back like whoa. I actually have not went to the bar since... well, yesterday, but my mom bought me one beer and I didn't go to the bar before that since the day after Christmas. And I honestly don't remember before that. At least a week. So, I feel good, and have actually saved some money. (That is the plan, how crazy!)

Well, to the four people that still read livejournal: happy new year. Happy new shit, whatever it may be. Too many will continue to repeat the past mistakes and too many will continue to... ha. No, I shouldn't even say that.

Drama is loved by all. I have bridges to burn but choose not to do so tonight. I'll touch dicks instead.

Fuck school and life and whatever else. Nervous doesn't begin to describe it, and it's over nothing. And some things. So I guess I'm... ha. Man! A public journal! Who thought of this?
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