Matt Ferdinander (gone_and_aerogy) wrote,
Matt Ferdinander

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Man Fuck That Shit I'm Just Sittin' At The Bar

Would you rather fuck a dog and never have anyone know or have everyone think you fucked a dog though you really did not?
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hmmm dude Id fuck the dog!

I would rather have everyone think I did it. I try to make people think I have done stuff I haven't all the time and I figure that one would be sweet.
Good answer.
Its a good thing this isn't real....

I'll be in DeWitt again the 9th. Lets all get smashed drunk then.
Fuck no, it's so real and means everything about your life! And fuck yeah. I sort of quit drinking but if I see people I haven't seen in a while then of course I would have to. Hit me up when you're here.
I think I'd rather have everyone think I did. I don't give a fuck about what people think about me. Plus the people around me that I would care about, would know that I didn't fuck the dog.
No, you missed the question. There is no option of people not thinking it! They have to! That's just getting out of the bad part of the question! So you still have not answered it! Your parents and friends and whoever would think you did and would never not think it and you'd be ruined! And you care sooooo much what people think.
Fine. Reguardless, I'd rather people think it then living with the fact that I fucked a dog.
i'd fuck the dog, as long as he said that he loved me, and likes to cuddle.
Yeah right, all dogs is hos. They're just in it for the fuck of it. "To feel something", since where the fuck else do you think the got the name bitch from?
that's why amber fucked me when she was dating curtis. to feel something.
Oh. Too bad no one will actually read that.
they'd better.


8 years ago

for free!?

hell yeah
They're both free, but which option did you pick, buttmunch?
No Buttheads

I'd fuck the dog