Matt Ferdinander (gone_and_aerogy) wrote,
Matt Ferdinander

Fuck You, How's That For First Impressions?

I hope that we can all be amazing and create something worthwhile. Just the people that remain my friends, especially ones that may read this, are either that insane or that talented to do something astonishing. What we need is constructive criticism. Who better than your friends?

"Every artist is undoubtedly pursuing his truth.... But the only people who can help the artist in his obstinate quest are those who love him, and those who, themselves lovers or creators, find in their own passion the measure of all passion, and hence know how to criticize." (Albert Camus in "The Enigma".)

There remains a pervading fear on both sides of my skull that reminds me daily just how correct Christopher Hitchens is when he discusses aging.
Wiser and older people tell you that the passions of your youth will dry up and that a more sere and autumnal condition will overtake you as maturity advances...
I feel no shame in continuing to fight for these passions.
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To the death of son!